Greek Environmental Network (GEN) 

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Greek Environmental Network



The Greek Environmental Network (GEN) is a member of European Network of Environmental Authorities and Managing Authorities (ENEA-MA). Its objectives is the thinking, training, comparison, sharing of experiences and elaboration of proposals of criteria and methodologies related to environmental aspects of EU Structural Funds actions. It is coordinated by the Special Agency of Coordination of Environmental Projects (SACEP).

Members of the GEN are National and Regional Environmental Authorities representatives, national and regional operations Managing Authority representatives, National administrations leader of each Fund representatives, representatives of Central administrations holder of intervention guidelines included in the regional operational programs, EU services representatives, National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Regional and Provincial Agencies for Environmental Protection and National Institute of Statistics. Placed under the responsibility of the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Cliamte Action.

Instruments of GEN consists of:

  • The Plenary
  • The Working Groups
  • The technical secretariat



Last modification date: 28/05/2014