Complementary Actions 

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Complementary action by the Programme Operator - Article 7.11 of the Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009 - 2014






Complementary action consists of activities involving the Programme Operator, that are organised by the Programme Operator and/or other entities, that contribute to the objectives of the programme with the primary aim of:

a) strengthening co-operation between the Programme Operators and similar entities within the Beneficiary States and Donor States, as well as international organisations; and,

b) exchanging experiences and best practices related to the implementation of the programme.

Under the “Complementary Actions” of the Programme GR02, Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management, EEA FM 2009-2014, the Executive Authority Partnership Agreement of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy (ex SACEP) – Programme Operator - organizes events between June 22 and 24, 2016 in Athens.

The aim of the event is to exchange experiences and best practices related to the implementation of Programmes within the Programme Area Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management (02), from Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal and Greece.




Projects /Results of Programme GR02


Meeting Agenda (24/6/2016)


Presentations 23/6/2016 (HCMR)


Presentations 24/6/2016 (SSF, AQUAMAN, GBWC, SACEP)


Presentations 24/6/2016 (BG,EE, LV, LT, PT)



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